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COVID-19 Entry Conditions

You acknowledge that there is currently a respiratory illness outbreak caused by a novel coronavirus (“COVID- 19”). By entering the Event, you warrant that:

• You do not have COVID-19, and are not awaiting test results for COVID-19 or otherwise have reason to suspect that you have contracted COVID-19;

  • You have not knowingly been in contact with a person who: has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last fourteen (14) days or has reason to believe they have contracted COVID-19;

  • You have not returned from international travel in the last fourteen (14) days;

  • You are not any of the following symptoms (Potential COVID-19 Symptoms): -a cough -fever -

    shortness of breath -sore throat -sneezing and runny nose -muscle or joint pains -nausea, diarrhoea, or vomiting -temporary loss of smell or taste, altered sense of taste -loss of appetite and fatigue -any other cold or flu-like symptom associated or linked with COVID-19.

If you cannot make the warranties above, you must not attend the Event.

You acknowledge that as a condition of your entry, Macro Music may collect personal information for the purposes of contact tracing and complying with COVID-19 related legislation, regulations and health orders. You warrant that any personal information provided by You to Macro Music is correct. Macro Music will hold this information in accordance with Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). COVID-19 Event Conditions

If, at any time during the Event, you experience any Potential COVID-19 Symptoms, you will immediately report to Event Staff and follow any reasonable directions given by Event Staff or other

health professional. You acknowledge and agree that if you may be evicted from the Event.

Whilst awaiting entry to the Event, attending the Event and exiting the Event, you agree to comply with any physical distancing orders or other health orders in force at the time of the Event for the purposes of preventing the spread of COVID-19 and any reasonable directions or instructions given by Macro Music in relation to the same. COVID-19 Post-Event Obligations

After leaving the Event, you warrant that you will comply with any legislation, regulation, health order or government recommendation in place for the purposes of preventing the spread of COVID-19.


Events at 3 Oceans Winery are strictly 18+. Photo ID is required for entry.

We cannot allow people under the age of 18 years, even if they're accompanied by parents / adults.

Valid forms of ID include an Australian Drivers license, Keypass or Proof of Age Card or your Passport.

Are you getting the bus? You will need your ID to get on the bus. Please have it ready at the bus stop.


We have 2 different type of SHOW MODES at 3 Oceans Winery. This is determined by the artists.



Shows in picnic mode have a reduced capacity and allow you to bring low-back, short leg chairs small picnic rugs or cushion. If there is also a dance floor, no picnic rugs or chairs are allowed onto the outlined dance-floor area.


Concert mode is standing room only! No chairs or picnic rugs. Sure, you can sit yourself down on the grass, but we're anticipating a big show and your chairs will just get in the way.


ACROD Holders and Pensioners are welcome to bring chairs to ANY shows. We just ask that you position yourself more than 25m from stage for your comfort and the comfort of those around you.


• Your tickets! Remembering these will certainly start your day of on the right track!

• Photo I.D is essential. Australian Drivers licence or passport will do the trick! No ID, no entry. Yes, even if you look 50!

• Don’t forget your empty water bottle! For safety reasons, glass bottles are not permitted.

• It’s important to wear sensible shoes. We highly recommend closed in shoes. Sandals and thongs are not recommended, steel-caps boots are a no-no.

 - We’d hate for you to step on something and hurt yourself.

• Of course, bring some cash or your card if you want to enjoy food, drink or score some sweet merchandise from the band.

• Remember to check the weather and bring appropriate clothing. It tends to get quite cold in the South West once the sun goes down! 


Remember to bring everything you need with you, as we do not allow pass outs.


• Bad Energy - leave it at home!

• Intoxicated persons will not be admitted to the show, so please pace yourselves if you're planning to have a couple.

• Professional cameras or recording equipment. By all means, bring your point and shoot cameras with you, but anything with a detachable lens should be left at home.

• Steel cap boots / shoes

• Food & drink: like we mentioned earlier, it's a condition of our license, and the shows are well catered for.

• Umbrellas: like chairs, we have this rule for yourself and those around you. If everyone brought an umbrella to a show, only the front row of people would be able to see!

• For the safety of everyone at the concert, moshing, crowd surfing and dangerous/violent dancing are not allowed. 


It is a condition of the venue license that we cannot allow you to bring your own food and drink onto the site.

We have a sweet array of food vans which can cater for most dietary requirements. Click on the FOOD MENU button within your event to see the menu!

If you have a rare, legitimate condition that we’re not catering for, please feel free to email us


We have free water on site so please feel free to bring an empty vessel to fill up at your leisure! Glass bottles are not allowed.


We have a fully licensed bar which will be selling beer, wine, cider and some pre-mixed spirits.


NB: Bottles of wine are only available for concerts in Picnic mode.


The venue is fully accessible. Please get in touch with us at if you have a disability and require any assistance.


We have a designated smoking area on site. Please respect others and keep your smoking to this area.


You’ll notice paired bins that are clearly marked around the site.

RECYCLING: please only place recyclable materials in these bins. It’s a real bugger if they’re contaminated.

WASTE: you can place things like food, perishables and any non-recyclable materials in these bins.


We’re employing WASTE MARSHALLS to help reduce the waste at this show & we thank you for your contribution.

Remember: the conditions of entry are specific to the show you have bought tickets for, so please check the EVENT PAGE for your show. 

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